Manga Tarot

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This original deck of 78 mystical cards features the instantly recognizable full-color manga artwork of Saori Takarai, author of Manga Moods and Manga Sisters. Use the cards for fortunetelling with your family and friends, admire them for their remarkable artwork, or give them as a gift to someone you love. However you use them, Manga University's Manga Tarot will surely bring you happiness and good fortune!

Whether this is your very first Tarot deck or the latest addition to a growing collection, the adorable illustrations will capture your imagination and provide endless hours of fortunetelling fun!

What's in the box:

  • Complete set of 78 cards; all the Major and Minor Arcana.
  • 64-page guidebook prepared by the renowned Psychic Jada, with the meanings of each card, plus Tarot spreads for readings.

About the Author
Saori Takarai is a rising star among the new generation of color manga artists in Japan.

Her distinctive illustrations have been featured in several MU publications, including the original Manga Moods and (under the pen name Mosoko Miyatsuki) Alice in Matchaland.