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The hardcover version is 96 pages and measures 5 inches by 5 inches.

The ebook version is an epub file that can be viewed on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. For further instructions, please see our Guide to Buying and Installing Manga University ebooks.

It's An All-New Storybook/Cookbook from Manga University and Mosoko Miyatsuki.

  • For "Alice" and anime art aficionados alike!
  • Includes dozens of full-color illustrations by one of Japan's hottest new artists.
  • Featuring recipes for 14 original matcha-flavored treats, including The Mad Hatter's Out-to-Lunch Latte, The Dormouse's Begins-with-Mmm Pudding, The Jabberwock's Wiggly Wobbly Gelatin, The Queen of Hearts' Un-Birthday Cake, and many more.

Inspired by the Lewis Carroll classic, this original adaptation of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland explores the world of sweet and delicious desserts made from Japanese green tea (“matcha”).

Featuring the colorful artwork of Mosoko Miyatsuki, the new adventure follows an adorable Alice as she winds her way through Wonderland in a quest for the perfect cup of matcha.

Along the way, she encounters many of the beloved characters from the original tale, including the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, and, of course, the Queen of Hearts — all of whom offer Alice a matcha treat or two.

“Alice in Matchaland” is not just pure fairy tale, though. Sprinkled throughout the pages are more than a dozen real recipes for readers who wish to make for themselves the same matcha-based sweets that Alice herself enjoys.

6 Things to Know About ‘Alice in Matchaland’
Before Barreling Down the Rabbit Hole


Alice’s journey into Matchaland is a continuation of your childhood favorite.
While Alice never directly mentions Wonderland, there are many allusions to her time there. Whether it’s when she “finally finds a book worth reading,” or when she drops that book to chase the White Rabbit, Alice is up to her old tricks. She even falls down the rabbit hole, but this time it’s in pursuit of the perfect cup of matcha — Japanese green tea.


The tale draws from Lewis Carroll’s classic writing style and characters.
While Matchaland and Wonderland are completely different — one is filled with matcha, after all — you’ll still spot some famous lines from the original books or in the same style as Carroll himself. You might even find parts of a certain poem that may or may not make any sense — can you guess its name?


Alice must solve a trio of riddles.
The Mad Hatter is back and his Tea Party crazier than ever — and this time there are even more riddles. He still doesn’t have any answers, but maybe you will. Give it your best shot as you try to figure out why the Rabbit is like the Hatter’s watch, or guess the true meaning of life. And bonus points to those who catch Alice’s reference to another literary world when she attempts to answer.


Beloved original characters have been given a manga makeover.
The Cheshire Cat, Bill the Lizard, the Lion, the Unicorn, and more all have cameos in Matchaland. Only this time, the fan favorites have adopted outfits and styles that are distinctly Japanese. Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee have shape-shifted into tanuki, and Alice’s dress features a kimono collar. How many of the other distinctive Japanese traits will you discover?


You might even meet a Totoro or two.
It should come as no surprise that Matchaland is full of references to Japanese popular culture. See if you can identify the out-of-this-world manga Alice is reading at beginning of her adventure, or catch the moment when Alice learns the true meaning of “tsundere.” (Oh, and be on the lookout for onigiri.)


There is a lot of matcha in Matchaland.
No, really, there’s a lot of it. Just try counting how many times the green powder is mentioned or referenced. It’ll definitely be hard to keep track, and even harder to stop a craving for Japanese green tea. Don’t worry about satisfying any appetite though — every few pages you’ll find a recipe for a delicious matcha-flavored treat, many of which are quick to make — and impossible to resist once they’re done.

So don’t stay above ground any longer! Venture down the rabbit hole and discover Matchaland with Alice.

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