Manga Sisters

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Saori and Misato Takarai are more than just manga artists -- they are real-life manga sisters!

The two grew up in Tokyo, where they learned how to be both cooperative and competitive as they dealt with parents, teachers, boyfriends and — perhaps most challenging of all — each other.

Now, as young adults, they have teamed up to offer this lighthearted look at the very special relationship shared by sisters everywhere.

Welcome to the world of Manga Sisters!

Manga Sisters is a Manga University hardcover gift book featuring delightful, full-color illustrations in a compact design, making it an ideal gift for anyone who is a fan of cute Japanese manga and anime characters! Plus, the pages feature the text in both English and Japanese, so its a fun way for readers to learn either language, too!

About the Authors
Saori Takarai is a rising star among the new generation of color manga artists in Japan. Her distinctive illustrations have been featured in several MU publications, including the original Manga MoodsManga Sisters, and Manga University's Manga Tarot.

Misato Takarai makes her professional manga publishing debut with Manga Sisters.