Moe USA Volume 2 Costume Crisis

Time for some "moe" mojo! Patty and Ruby, the zany American teeangers who took jobs at a Tokyo maide cafe and skyrocketed to fame as pop stars in the first volume of  Moe USA,  thought they had it made: a great career, tons of fans, and the cutest outfits a cosplayer could ever dream of! And then the unthinkable happened — their magical maid costumes were stolen just before a big concert at Tokyo's Budokan.

Now the girls are in a topsy-turvy search for the costumes. They've enlisted the services of a super-secret organization — the Akihabara Otaku Network — to help them track down the theif and rescue their careers. But have the moe-licious maids met their match?

Moe USA is an exciting original manga by award-winning artist Atsuhisa Okura, past receipient of the prestigious Kondansha and Shueisha prizes for Best New Manga Artist and illustrator of the award-winning article " Manga Conquers America" for WIRED magazine. Okura breaks new ground in the classic "magical girl" manga genre by introducing overseas readers to the world of "moe" (pronounced "moh-ay"), where impossibly cute cosplayers and their otaku fans bring Japan's popular maid cafe culture to life!