Sonny Leads Karate Olympic Bid Campaign

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Karate Olympic Bid
Celebration Campaign!

The International Olympic Committee's 129th Session in Rio de Janerio selects karate, which originated on the Japanese island of Okinawa, as an official Olympic sport for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games!

Celebrate this historic Olympic decision by offering your students copies of this illustrated true story of karate in Japan.
  • Each book will be personally signed by the author, Richard Mosdell.
  • The club owner (wholesale buyer) will be added to an exclusive list of recipients who will receive two advance copies of the second volume upon its publication.

Note: This page is for wholesale customers who wish to purchase multiple copies of "Sonny Leads Vol. 1." Customers who wish to purchase just a single copy of the book may do so here.

Offer your karate students the following benefits from reading the first exciting installment in the Sonny Leads saga!

  • Discover what karate is like in Japan today; the lifestyle, training, the organizations, and the tournaments. 
  • Experience the feelings and see the sights of a karate athlete's first visit to Japan, where they can't speak the language, and watch how they sink or swim trying to adjust to this completely different world.
  • Learn about the deeper karate values of resilience and perseverance that every karate club is trying to instill in their students.

If you are seriously thinking about traveling to Japan for karate, this is your guide!

The contents include:
  • A 100-page story illustrated by Japan's leading karate-manga artist.
  • A 20-page guide to Japanese karate organizations and tournaments
  • Essay about what it's like for a foreigner to teach high-level karate in Japan
  • Plus other bonus material


Sonny Leads is a black belt with something to prove to himself, and to the world. He's oozing with talent, but he can't seem to put it together when it matters most. So he takes the advice of a coach and follows his dream to train with the best in Japan. 

Before anything can go right, though, everything goes wrong. In the dojo. At his new Japanese home. Even in front of a cute university student named Haruka. Does Sonny have the fighting spirit needed to survive Japan?

He'd better. Because real karate isn't for pretenders.

This the first volume in a new series written by longtime Japan resident Richard Mosdell (5th dan JKF Wadokai) and illustrated by Genshi Kamobayashi (3rd dan Shotokan and Japan's leading karate-manga artist). The story is a realistic portrayal of the karate scene in Japan, and explores the challenges foreign karate athletes encounter when choosing a dojo, making Japanese friends, working in Japan, living in a Japanese homestay, and navigating the intricate network of Japanese karate organizations.

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If you've ever dreamed about pursuing your goals — karate or otherwise — in Japan, this book is for you!

160 pages. 5 inches by 7 inches. Paperback.


Over a 21-year period in Japan, Richard Mosdell went from being a promising-but-unknown 1st degree black belt to eventually achieving his 5th degree rank while working as the full-time head coach at Seiritsu Gakuen, home of the of the oldest high school karate club in Tokyo. He was also the monthly bilingual columnist for the prestigious JKFan Karate magazine, and completing his masters thesis on the "Globalization of Karate" at Tokyo's Sophia University.

From the very heart of the Japanese karate community, Richard accumulated a vast amount of day-to-day training and living experiences, from which he crafted a compelling and authentic vision of someone immersing themselves into Japan for the first time.

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