How To Draw Manga: Colorful Costumes

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Who says all manga has to be black-and-white? Introducing Colorful Costumes, the first all-color book in the renowned How to Draw Manga series. This wonderful edition is a veritable encyclopedia of styles, offering a close-up look at the whimsical costumes and elaborately tailored uniforms worn by the young women who work in Japan's cafes, restaurants, hotels and other service-industry venues. Also featured is a section on the traditional clothes worn by women in other Asian nations. Jam-packed with 136 full-color pages showing cute manga characters in a variety of costumes and poses.

Among the costume and uniform styles covered in this book:

  • Restaurant and Cafe Uniforms: Ranging from the refined elegance of traditional kimono worn by employees of the upscale Bashamichi chain to the chic tailored look favored at Tokyo's oldest beer hall, Sapporo Lion, and the perky style of the Hobson's ice cream chain.
  • Nurse Uniforms: A sure cure for those suffering from costume blues!
  • Traditional Japanese Costumes : Fanciful kimono, whimsical matsuri (festival) costumes and more!
  • Office Uniforms: The young women who work in Japan's high-rise office environments have a style that's unlike any in the world.
  • Exotic Costumes: Go beyond Japan to discover unique traditional clothing worn by women in other parts of Asia.
  • Seductive Costumes: Take a peek at the alluring (and revealing) work uniforms worn by Japan's "race queens" and "bunny girls."
  • And more!