How to Draw Manga Bundle

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Take your manga drawing skills to a whole new level with Manga University's exclusive How To Draw Manga Bundle. Featuring five of the world's most popular manga instructional books.


Manga University's online tutorials and Home Study Course are a great way to learn the fundamentals of creating and drawing your own manga and anime. But for specific concepts and characters, the How to Draw Manga series can't be beat. Whether you want to draw intricate backgrounds, alluring French maids or Japanese schoolgirls, our How to Draw Manga Bundle will help teach you everything you need to know — and at an unbeatable price!

Here’s what you get in the bundle:

Maids and Miko (Regularly $19.99)
Renowned artists Tatsuhiro Ozaki (founder of the Society for the Study of Manga Techniques) and Unkaku Koyama (author of How to Draw Manga: Super Tone Techniques) team up for HTDM: Maids and Miko, a fascinating, in-depth look at the traditional costumes worn by Western housemaids and Japanese temple servants (miko). Features hundreds of poses and detailed written descriptions of the garments and how they are worn.

Manga University Costume Collection (Regularly $19.99)
Have you ever wondered how a Japanese schoolgirl spends her mornings, afternoons and evenings? In Costume Collection: A Day in the Life of a Japanese Schoolgirl, manga artists and costume-play enthusiasts are introduced to seven models photographed in a variety of poses representing the everyday activities (and clothing) of a typical Japanese high school student. By applying what you see to your own artwork, you too can draw authentic-looking manga characters.

HTDM: Colorful Costumes (Regularly $21.99)
Who says all manga has to be black-and-white? Introducing Colorful Costumes, the first all-color book in the renowned How to Draw Mangaseries. This wonderful edition is a veritable encyclopedia of styles, offering a close-up look at the whimsical costumes and elaborately tailored uniforms worn by the young women who work in Japan's cafes, restaurants, hotels and other service-industry venues. Also featured is a section on the traditional clothes worn by women in other Asian nations. Jam-packed with 136 full-color pages showing cute manga characters in a variety of costumes and poses.

MU Background Collection Volumes 2 and 3 (Regularly $15.98)
This set is your how-to guide for designing realistic backgrounds featuring the futuristic high-rises and busy boulevards of Japan's largest cities. Designed by professional screen-tone artists, these workbooks feature 32 high-quality, copyright-free background illustrations that artists are encouraged to study, trace, photocopy or even cut out and use in their own manga.

So grab your pencil and start drawing like the pros. For less than the regular price of two How to Draw Manga books, Manga University gives you five great titles. A great way to begin or round out your collection of How to Draw Manga books!