How to Draw Dragon Ball Z Poses (Lesson 6)

Kanji de Manga Vol 3 cover image

OK, this is the last pose. ^_^ The view is the most awkward, in my opinion, so I saved it for last. In this picture, the character is leaning so far forward that his torso blocks out most of the lower half of his body. The ribcage completely encircles his head now.

Now, add the arms, and the one leg that is visible. ^_^ Just assume that the other leg is pointed straight backwards. All you see of the left leg is the edge of the knee, so don't make it too long, it is not going to be sticking out from the body that far. The left arm curves away from you, so make sure it slants inward. The hand on the right arm should be almost as big as the head, since it is much closer to you than the head.


Kanji de Manga Vol 3 cover image

Add the major details, like the hair, clothes, and muscles. Add the face, erase the unwanted lines, smooth out your sketch, and you are almost done. ^_^

Kanji de Manga Vol 3 cover image

Color or shade your picture. Try to make the light source consistent; that is, have the light come from the same side so that the highlights and shadows seem more consistent. Well, that about wraps things up. Whew... That took longer that I thought it would.


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