How to Draw Dragon Ball Z Poses (Lesson 5)

Kanji de Manga Vol 3 cover image

Now we will move on to examples of more exaggerated foreshortening. In this picture, the figure is leaning forward a great deal, looking like he's going to use some chi attack or something. Remember what I was saying before about the ribcage enveloping the head when the figure is tilted forward? Well, here is a better example of that. The head completely covers up the neck, and the head is almost completely surrounded by the torso. The chest muscles are hardly visible because of the angle, and some of the waist is hidden, as well.

Next, draw the arms and legs. Both arms stick straight out towards you, which can be a difficult angle to draw them at. Just remember to draw them shorter than normal, and to make them slant outwards. The left hand is straighter than the right, and slants outward more, because it's closer to you. The little arrows show you an exaggerated view of the movement of the arms.

The legs are very far back behind the body. Thus, they will be drawn very short. They will slant inwards, since they are moving away from you. Only the top part of the left leg is visible, since the lower half is hidden. Keep the figure very compact; the arms and legs shouldn't be drawn too far out from the main body.


Kanji de Manga Vol 3 cover image

Now for the fun part, adding in all the details. ^_^ Draw the hair, muscles, hands, and clothes. The hands really aren't as difficult as they may seem at first. The palms are very large and circular, and the fingers are all short and curve inwards towards the center of the palm. The muscles are, as always, very large and water-balloonish (^_~) so make sure they look round and protrude and everything.

Erase all the extra lines and draw in the face. Smooth out your sketch, and add some extra definition to the muscles and clothing.

Kanji de Manga Vol 3 cover image

Color or shade your picture however you want.


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