How to Draw Dragon Ball Z Poses (Lesson 4)

Kanji de Manga Vol 3 cover image

This pose is similar to the others, as well, except the foreshortening and positioning are more complicated. Draw the head, torso, and waist as usual, except tilt the body more to the right. Notice how the waist is much smaller than the torso, and is located further to right; don't make it too far to the right, though, you don't want him to look too swishy. -_^

Draw in his arms and legs next, using just ovals and cylinders. Now, you will notice that since his right leg is bent back, the lower half of the leg is not visible. All you see of the lower half is his foot. Draw the right thigh as you would for any other figure, just don't include the lower half of the leg. For the left leg, make sure it is slanted to the right rather than going straight down, so it will look like he is starting to run rather than standing on one foot (unless you want to do a pose like that). ^_^

The arms may be difficult, as well. The left arm is bent forward towards you, so the front half of the arm should cover up a great deal of the back half. Keep the arm up high and level with the center of the chest, because it is going to be holding a sword. The right arm is almost completely hidden behind the torso. Just make sure the hand isn't any lower than the hips.


Kanji de Manga Vol 3 cover image

Now, add the hair, muscles, clothing, sword, and hands. Use a straight edge or ruler if necessary to draw the sword straight and to make sure its at the proper angle. Make the muscles on the arms very round; make the ones closer to you overlap the ones further back to make them look more three dimensional. The shoulder muscles on both sides should be rather prominent. The shirt is relatively tight and shouldn't be drawn too baggy. The pants are tight around the waist, but loose around the legs, so draw most of the folds around the knees and ankles. Make his hair look like it is flowing back somewhat, so it looks more like he is in motion.

Erase all the lines you don't need, add the face, and smooth out your sketch. Retrace it onto a clean piece of paper if necessary.

Kanji de Manga Vol 3 cover image

Shade or color your picture as you see fit. Hmm, this one turned out pretty good. ^_^


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