Using Paint Shop Pro (Part 2)

Kanji de Manga Vol 3 cover image

I did not have access to a scanner at the time I drew this, so I decided to do the entire pic in PSP6. To start off, I placed the original pic on the screen, and, referencing it, drew (I did not trace it on purpose, I wanted to see how it would turn out) the lined version on a newly opened image (go to File/New to open the new images). Then go to Layers/New Raster Layer to open a new layer for you to draw on. Here, I used the draw tool (click on the "draw" tool and a new "Draw options" window opens up) with the option "Type" set to "Point to Point line", option "Style" set to "Stroked" (as opposed to "Filled"), and "Antialias" turned on (to smooth out the lines, they look jagged without it).


The tool works as follows: You click on a point on the screen, at that point there appears a "node". If you now left click and grab it, you can move it anywhere on the screen. When you click at the second point, you will have a node there and a straight line connecting the two nodes. However, if you click and drag the mouse instead of just clicking, you will see an arrow in the direction of motion of the mouse, and if you click and drag to another point on the screen, then a second node that appears will have an arrow as well. You will then have two more parameters to control besides the location of the nodes (for you math people out there, that makes it a cubic spline, or an interpolating polynomial of degree three), namely, the slopes at the nodes.

You vary the slope by grabbing ether end of the arrow at the nodes and moving it as you see fit. To get out of this node drawing mode you right click and select the "End node editing" option. (You will notice, if you right click to exit the drawing mode, you will see a lot of node editing options) OK, so now we can draw straight lines and curves, and so drawing an outline of Cell is just an exercise in using the draw tool. Here, you can see the end result of me drawing the outline of Cell using the draw tool. (Looks kind of goofy if you ask me.)


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