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Kawaguchi Sono 川口ソノ

AKA: Kawaguchi Sonoko・川口園子

Age: ??

Height: 153cm

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Mint green

Major: Manga Making, English (Minor), 2nd year

Clubs: Culinary, Welcoming Committee, Kendo, Archery

Apartment: Building #2, 510

Personality: Friendly, energetic, outgoing, sometimes a little over the top

About: Sono is one of the many Welcoming Committee members at Manga University who are in charge of making sure that the new students are alright during the first semester. She is also the younger twin of Kawaguchi Kono; although the younger sibling, she seems to be in control of her older brother. She adores cute things and has many stuff animals in her room. Sono is so friendly that she knows everyone at Manga University!

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Kawaguchi Kono 川口コノ

AKA: Kawaguchi Konohiro・川口好宥

Age: ??

Height: 174cm

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Mint green

Major: Manga and Game Industry, Graphic Design (minor), 2nd year

Clubs: Cosplay, Gaming

Apartment: Building #4, 605

Personality: Friendly, energetic, laid-back, easily scared

About: Kono is on the Welcoming Committee at Manga University with his twin sister Sono; although the older sibling, Kono seems to put up less of a fight than Sono which results in him often getting sat on by his younger sister. Even though Kono holds Saito sensei on a pedestal, he is also gravely terrified of her. Kono is a talented character designer and cosplay prop marker, however, he can’t seem to stop designing characters with large chest!

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Sasaki Erika 佐々木エリカ

AKA: -

Age: 19

Height: 163cm

Hair: Pink

Eyes: Orange brown

Major: Manga Making, 1st year

Clubs: Doujin Club, ???

Apartment: Building #2, 503

Personality: Easily amused, oblivious, gullible, determined 

About: Erika left England to join Manga University in hope of one day becoming a professional mangaka. She is also in Japan to learn about the culture, history and way of life. She loves action, fantasy and comedy manga - and has an inner fan girl. Erika is bad at kanji and also is often getting tricked by Kazumi. She has become obsessed with Karē Dōnatsu Pan (Curry Donut Bread), is blind without her glasses and has a strong dislike for stairs. 

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Kurozawa Kazumi 黒沢かずみ

AKA: -

Age: ???

Height: 165cm

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red

Major: Manga Making, World History, 2nd year

Clubs: Japanese History Appreciation, Kendo, Folk Lore Appreciation (President)

Apartment: Building #6, 401

Personality: Quiet, mysterious, sly, somewhat sadistic (笑)

About: Kazumi is a mysterious person indeed, all we know is that Kazumi often talks about samurai, historical wars, ghosts and spirits - we don’t even know whether Kazumi is a boy or a girl! While Kono calls Kazumi “she”, Sono says “he”, and Kazumi has never bothered to correct either of them. Kazumi also enjoys telling scary story and messing with people’s head. It is a rumored by Kono that Kazumi comes from an old family of the high-ranking exorcists. 

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 ★Hayashi Kyōsuke 林京介

AKA: Kyo

Age: 24

Height: 179cm

Hair: Colbat

Eyes: Dark blue

Major: Manga Making, Manga and Game Industry, 3rd year

Clubs: Doujin Club (President), Go Enthusiast 

Apartment: Building #3, 705

Personality: Quiet, obsessive, perfectionist, introvert, Super “M” No. 1

About: Kyo is the President of the Doujin club. He might not look very smart, but he graduated early from T University School of Business with honors before joining Manga University! Despite his business and accounting degree, he is bad at managing his own money as he obsessively spend on anime and manga, new games and merchandises. Additionally, because of his obsessive nature, he often forgets to sleep or eat!


Tachibana Takeo 橘武雄

AKA: Tacchan

Age: 25

Height: 193cm

Hair: Black

Eyes: Sky blue

Major: Manga Making, Manga in Business Industry, 3rd year

Clubs: Doujin Club (1st Vice-president), Culinary

Apartment: Building #6, 301

Personality: Wild, friendly, energetic, Super “M” No. 2

About: Tachibana is Kyo and Miki’s best friend - the three have known each other since pre-school. Despite his large physique, low voice and scary face, Tachibana has a soft spot for cute moe girls and small animals! Besides being the Doujin Club’s second vice-president, Tachibana is a member of the Culinary Club along with Sono as he enjoys eating good food - and A LOT of it! It is rumored that his family has ties to the underworld.


★Watanabe Miki 渡辺ミキ

AKA: Mīchan

Age: 25

Height: 190cm

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Seaweed green

Major: Manga Making, English (Minor), 3rd year

Clubs: Doujin Club (2nd Vice-president), Gardening

Apartment: Building #3, 707

Personality: Quiet, shy, somewhat motherly, considerate, Super “M” No. 3

About: Miki is a name unfitting for someone with his face and physique. Miki is a large man with terrifying face, but gentle soul. He is often seen in the campus’ green house tending to the plants during his free time (when he is not obsessing over moe girls with his buddies). He is also sort of Kyo’s care taker, often making sure he goes to bed and eats properly. He’s also a very talented illustrator, however, he has difficulties drawing male characters!

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★Kamiya Hiroki 神谷弘樹

AKA: Hiro

Age: 24

Height: 182cm

Hair: Red and blond

Eyes: Yellow green

Major: Voice Acting, Film Making (minor) 3rd year

Clubs: Drama Club (President), Festival Committee 

Apartment: Building #4, 608

Personality: Bold, charismatic, over the top, straight-forward, perfectionist

About: Kamiya is the President of the drama club, known around the campus for his sparkles that he claims to be water-resistant and supernatural - which might be true as the amount of sparkles around him correlates with his emotions! He usually remains in character almost all the time, and speaks in different voices depending on the situation. Kamiya must always look his best, or his sparkles will loose powder to charm the ladies, or so he claims!


Amachi Masaru 天知勝

AKA: Macchan

Age: 25

Height: 180cm

Hair: Light blond

Eyes: Vibrant purple

Major: Voice Acting, Film Making (minor) 3rd year

Clubs: Drama Club (Vice-president), Traditional Performing Arts  

Apartment: Building #4, 809

Personality: Reserved, cunning, charismatic, perfectionist

About: Masaru Is Kamiya’s best friend - they’d met in high school. Unlike Kamiya, Masaru is reserved and in touch with reality, so he often has to snap Kamiya back from his fantasy land. Maseru is popular with girls around the campus but he tends to be more focused on his studies and club activities. Prior to coming to Manga University, he was studying to become an accountant, but it wasn’t his thing. He enjoys traditional theaters and playing the piano.

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Saito Ayumi 斎藤あゆみ

AKA: Doujin Club’s Demon Manager

Age: 29

Height: 175cm

Hair: Black

Eyes: Deep Green

Major: Manga Making (Prof.), Digital Illustration (Prof.), Manga and Game Industry (Prof.)

Clubs: Doujin Club (Manager)

Apartment: Building #1, 1010

Personality: Strict, confident, short-tempered, good-willed

About: Saito is a professor at Manga University who is known for punishing undisciplined students with her flying hanko with 99% accuracy- each hanko thrown have words related to the acts that deserve the punishment. Despite her face which is usually stuck in a frown and her monstrous strength, she looks out for her students and wants them to succeed. Her main disciplinary tools of choice are hanko and a large paper fan.

Saitama Ken’ichi 埼玉健一

AKA: -

Age: ???

Height: Around 180cm

Hair: White

Eyes: ???

Major: ???

Clubs: ???  

Apartment: ???

Personality: ???

About: Not much is known about the mysterious Saitama Ken’ichi or how long he has been at Manga University, but it is said that he has graduated and now returned. His fan club claimed that he had had many professional jobs, but we do not know if this is true! He might be a master of disguise since professors do not remember his face and he seems to appear and disappear out of the blue!