Home Study Course Preview

It's easy, useful and fun!

Manga University's Home Study Course is an easy to understand self study pack put together by Japanese manga artists to teach you the very essential basics of how to draw manga. What make us different from an average tutorial is that you can get advice from professional Japanese manga artists! Have a look below of what the package have in store for you!

Table of Contents

Sample of Final Critique

Step 1:

 After you have purchase the course package and completed your home study, you can send your best artwork in to us. Don't be shy!

Step 2:

Do you want to know how to sharpen your manga drawing skills? We will show the drawing to our Japanese manga artist who will have a look at your work. They will tell you the first impression of your drawing. The artists will then point out which areas you need focus on.

Step 3:

After studying your drawing, one of our Japanese manga artists will redraw your character and will emphasize areas of improvements.

Step 4:

After your work have been redrawn, one of our artists will assist you on areas where you could improve with explanation and instruction which are easy to understand. If you study this step along with step 3 and apply it to your future drawins, you would be able to improve in no time!

Step 5:

This is the last part of the critique. Here, you can see how you did on your overall drawing. This part of the critique is the summary of what you should keep in mind in your next drawings!