Pokemon Snorlax Vibrating Figurine with Pokeflute

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Long before Nendoroids, there were these really cool Pokemon figurines that did stuff in response to sounds.

What kind of stuff? Well, let's just put it this way: Stuff that makes Nendoroids seem totally LAME by comparison!

Take, for instance, this Snorlax. Now, we all know the big guy likes nothing better than a long, undisturbed nap. But what if you suddenly need to wake him so the two of you can go into Poke-battle together?

Easy! Just play a note on the included Pokeflute and watch Snorlax rumble to life! 

(OK, so he begins vibrating a bit before going back to sleep again. That's still way cooler than those boring, do-nothing, say-nothing Nendoroids.)

This interactive toy was originally sold in Japan way back in 1999. Officially licensed, it's been out of production for almost 20 years and is now a highly sought-after Pokemon collectible.

We've only got a few of these left, so you'll want to catch one now before they're gone for good!

Mint condition in its factory sealed package. Figurine measures 3.25 inches tall by 3 inches wide. Pokeflute is 2.25 inches long. Requires two N-size batteries (not included).