Manga University Varsity Pack

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This collection contains everything you need to kickstart your manga education. Just take a look at all of the exciting subjects you'll be studying!

JAPANESE COOKING 101: Don't start your studies on an empty stomach! The award-winning Manga Cookbook features more than two dozen delicious Japanese homestyle recipes, all featuring step-by-step illustrations by Manga University Culinary Institute artist Chihiro Hattori. 

JAPANESE LANGUAGE 101: You'll learn the ABCs of Japanese with Kana de Manga and Kanji de Manga, the first two books from our award-winning  series. In no time at all, you'll be reading — and maybe even writing your own — manga in its original language!

JAPANESE ART 101: Do you dream of becoming a professional manga artist someday? Manga Without Borders Volume 2 features two dozen artists throughout the world who are already living the dream! Each full-page illustration is presented alongside a written profile of its creator. You'll discover how these brilliant young artists were first exposed to manga, to whom they look for inspiration, which tools they consider essential, and what motivates them to continue drawing.

JAPANESE HISTORY 101: Next, explore the origins of Japan in the sweeping pictorial Samurai Confidential, which showcases the private, often complex lives of Japan's most famous samurai warriors. More that just a lavish picture book, though, Samurai Confidential is rich with nuggets of information not normally found in mainstream history books.

JAPANESE CULTURE 101: Delve into the fascinating world of Japanese capsule hotels, karaoke clubs and pachinko parlors in Harvey & Etsuko's Manga Guide to Japan. Storytellers Charles Danziger and Mimei Sakamoto team up for this zany "east meets west" look at what happens when an irascible mouse from Manhattan (Harvey) asks a cartoon cat from Tokyo (Etsuko) to help him find the keys to manga fame and fortune in Japan.

JAPANESE ANCESTRY 101: Time travel back to Old Tokyo and roam the streets with one of the most knowledgeable tour guides around ... a cat! Edo Cats introduces readers to the faces, places, tales and tails that helped transform the sleepy fishing village of Edo into a thriving center of culture and power. 

JAPANESE COSPLAY 101: Have you ever wondered how a Japanese schoolgirl spends her mornings, afternoons and evenings? Well, here's your chance to find out! Costume Collection: A Day in the Life of a Japanese Schoolgirl introduces you to seven models photographed in a variety of poses representing the everyday activities (and clothing) of a typical Japanese high school student. Apply what you see to your own cosplay creations!