Manga University Presents ... Costume Collection

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Have you ever wondered how a Japanese schoolgirl spends her mornings, afternoons and evenings? Well, here's your chance to find out! "Costume Collection: A Day in the Life of a Japanese Schoolgirl" is the newest entry in the popular Manga University lineup of art-instruction and reference books. 

In this volume, manga artists and costume-play enthusiasts are introduced to seven models photographed in a variety of poses representing the everyday activities (and clothing) of a typical Japanese high school student. By applying what you see to your own artwork, you too can draw authentic-looking manga characters. 

But this book isn't just for artists: Costume-play enthusiasts will also find "A Day in the Life of a Japanese Schoolgirl" to be an exciting and inspirational reference. It's going to be a day well spent!

You will study schoolgirl poses in the following categories:

  • Good Morning! Rise and shine with Hikari Okamoto as she does her morning stretches, drinks a cup of coffee and brushes her teeth before heading to school.
  • School Days: Take your seat in class, where you'll meet the Teacher's Pet, Mami Aida, and her friends, cheerleader Chinatsu Mori and class clown Riasu Arama.
  • Part-Timer: Keep your eyes on Yuria Hidaka and Moe Sakurai as they collect some hard-earned cash during their after-school jobs.
  • Traditional Girl: Admire the traditional beauty of Haruka Matsuki and Riasu Arama as they slip into the traditional kimono, a garment that epitomizes the Japanese sense of refined elegance and accentuated sexuality.
  • Nighty-Night: Unwind with Mao Manabe as she dresses into her pajamas and prepares for bed after a long, hard day.