Kendama (Tournament Certified / Made in Japan)

The Japanese kendama craze has taken the world by storm — but most of the kendama that are being sold overseas are junky, sweatshop-factory knockoffs that no self-respecting player would touch with a thousand-foot pole :-P
Manga University is pleased to offer this officially licensed kendama. Lovingly handcrafted in Japan, this professionally calibrated kendama is certified for tournament play by the prestigious Japan Kendama Association.
The ken (stick) measures 6 inches long and is constructed of raw wood to provide a natural grip, while the tama (ball) measures 2.25 inches in diameter and features a polished red lacquered finish. The hole in the ball is beveled to exact specifications, making it easier to perform tricks than when using an unlicensed, uncalibrated kendama.
The entire construction weighs a precision-balanced 130 grams.
Between the center cup and the slip stop is the Japan Kendama Association seal, indicating authorization and certification by the JKA for tournament use.