Japan School Uniform Brooch / Patch

Japan School Uniform Brooch / Patch

The school uniform is as an important status symbol in Japanese society. The color and style of the uniform indicates to which school the student belongs, as well as his or her status within the institution. And perhaps the most important indicator of all is the embroidered coat-of-arms brooch that is pinned to the uniform.

Now you, too, can own an authentic school uniform brooch, just like those worn by all the cool girls in Japan! Be a good student by following proper etiquette and attach it to your blazer. Or, show your rebellious side and pin it to a backpack!


  • Embroidered cloth-and-felt brooch with studded plaid ribbon and safety pin-style attachment. Measures 3 inches tall by 1.5 inches wide at the top and 3 inches wide at the bottom.

  • Japanese schoolgirl not included.