How To Draw Manga: Girls' Life Illustration File

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Girls: You gotta love 'em. But when designing or drawing a female character, an artist--especially a male artist--may have trouble pinpointing the specific qualities that make young women so, well, unique. For instance, what is it about a young woman's room that makes it so inviting? What secret weapons do they keep hidden in their purses? Do they really lie asleep in that sultry manner so seductively portrayed by actresses on television? And when you pass them on the streets, why do they smell so darned good?

This book answers those questions and many more as it takes an intimate look at the private lives of six very different young women. The information within serves as a reference and inspiration in your own character design.

You'll meet the following cast of characters:

  • Sporty Girl: The most physically active character in the book. She has a strong sense of independence and has moved out of her parents’ home. She is highly cheerful and animated.
  • Dreamy Girl: Naïve and optimistic, this character avoids using her head and is so laid back that she seems not to realize when she is disparaged. Unfortunately, she also tends to be a crybaby.
  • Perky Girl: Very candid, this girl is capable of talking comfortably to absolutely anyone. Owing to household circumstances, right now she is living alone and enjoying her privacy.
  • Shy Girl: This girl is rather shy and tends to be clumsy with words. A fan of books (especially horror), she hopes to become a writer. She gets along well with outgoing types.
  • Precocious Girl: Given to making risque comments without batting an eye, this girl puts those around her on edge. She would never admit it herself, but she can be something of a geek.
  • Uppity Girl: This character has the pride true to a girl of privileged with upbringing—and a temper to boot. But she often feels lonely and is somewhat spoiled. She certainly feels the need for attention, so she from time to time behaves like a little brat.

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