Edo Cats: Tails of Old Tokyo

A portion of the profits from each sale of this book is donated to animal-rescue efforts in Japan.

When Tokugawa Ieyasu was appointed shogun of Japan in 1603, the fortunes of a sleepy fishing village called Edo were forever changed. Ieyasu transformed Edo — today known as Tokyo — into the bustling capital of his feudal government. By the end of the century, the town’s population had swollen to nearly 1 million — a number that didn’t even include the cats. 

And by all accounts, Edo was positively crawling with cats. 

"Edo Cats" introduces us to that era through a series of enchanting ukiyo-e (woodblock print) illustrations — all drawn from a feline perspective. Travel back in time and discover the fascinating faces, places, tales and tails of Old Tokyo. 

Hardcover. 96 pages. Full Color. 

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