Red Bento Box with Chopsticks

Red Bento Box with Chopsticks

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From the creators of the critically acclaimed Manga Cookbook comes a full lineup of Japanese culinary and bento supplies, including this delightful bento box with matching chopsticks. 

This two-tiered bento box features tight-sealing lids to keep your food fresh and delicious. When empty, the bottom half of the box fits snugly into the top half when empty for portability and easy storage. Made of durable styrene resine plastics, the box features a high-gloss finish that looks great, and is paired with a set of traditional chopsticks with a woodgrain sheen to complement the bento box.

Box measures 6.5 inches wide by 3.3 inches long by 3.3 inches tall. Storage capacity is 580 milliliters (approximately 20 fluid ounces). Temperature limits: -4F to 248F. 

Chopsticks measure 9.8 inches long.

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