Ultimate Manga Pen Set

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This special set features the same four traditional art pens that are found in the tool kits of professional manga artists throughout Japan. Included in this set are all the pens you need to draw like a pro!

  • One Tachikawa free-size nib holder: Designed to hold all five varieties of pen nibs included in the set, this pen is made of wood and is slightly heavier than the Nikko free-size pen holder described below. It has a natural woodgrain finish and measures 5 inches long. A GREAT ALL-AROUND PEN!
  • One Nikko free-size nib holder: Like the Tachikawa free-size pen, this one is made of wood, measures 5 inches long and can accommodate a variety of nibs. It is painted in black, and is slightly lighter than the Tachikawa pen. PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS!
  • One Tachikawa round-nib holder: This wooden pen has a slightly narrower body and only holds round-pen nibs. Designed for artists who prefer a different feel between their round-pen holders and their spoon, G and school pen holders. Measures 5 inches long. ALL-NEW DESIGN!
  • One Nikko round-nib holder: The thickness of this wood round-nib holder is nearly the same as that of the Tachikawa and Nikko free-size pens, for artists who prefer their round pends to feel similar to the other pens in their collections. UNBEATABLE NIKKO QUALITY!
  • Three G-pen nibs: G-pen nibs are among the most popular of all because of their wide applications. They are ideal for drawing soft and flexible lines. These nibs fit the Tachikawa and Nikko free-size nib holders.
  • Three school-pen nibs: School nibs produce hard, sharp lines and are essential for drawing details and extra-fine work. These nibs fit the Tachikawa and Nikko free-size nib holders.
  • Three spoon-pen nibs: Spoon nibs, so-called because of their resemblance to the eating utensil, yield smooth, fluent and somewhat soft lines. These nibs fit the Tachikawa and Nikko free-size nib holders.
  • Three caption-pen nibs: If you want your manga dialogue lettering to look as beautiful as the drawings themselves, you'll need to use caption nibs. These are designed specifically for drawing Japanese kanji characters, but also work well when writing in English. These nibs fit the Tachikawa and Nikko free-size nib holders
  • Two round-pen nibs: Like G-pen nibs, round nibs are a favorite among serious manga artists. Tha's because while they feel "hard" when drawing, they are capable of producing both thick and thin lines with distinction. These nibs fit the Tachikawa and Nikko round-nib holders.

    Important: The pen-nibs included in the Manga University pen set are traditional calligraphy-style pens and need to be dipped in ink before using. While you can find "manga ink" at some art supply stores, standard ink for drawing or calligraphy will also work just fine and can be purchased at any art-supply or stationery store.