Kanji De Manga Complete Set

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This award-winning series from Manga University is the best way to start learning how to read and write Japanese, and now you can get all seven books for one low price. For a limited time, you can learn to read the ABCs of Japanese — hiragana and katakana, 480 common kanji characters, and thousands of Japanese vocabulary — for only $49.99.

Here’s what you get in the bundle:

Kana de Manga (Regularly $9.99)
Kana de Manga makes learning hiragana and katakana easy and fun for students who already enjoy Japanese comics. Each page has a humorous manga illustration representing a word that begins with the hiragana or katakana character featured prominently at the top. A brief explanation accompanies each drawing; the English equivalent of the word is given; and there is a work area where you can practice writing the characters.

Kanji de Manga Volumes 1-6 (Regularly $59.94)
Once you’ve mastered Kana de Manga, you can begin reading Japanese-language manga right away with Kanji de Manga. Each volume introduces you to 80 new kanji characters and vocabulary words using simple, fun illustrations. The books also contain kanji pronunciation guides, stroke orders and English translations.

Manga University Professional-Grade Sketchbook (Regularly $4.99)
Master your character writing with a Manga University Professional-Grade Sketchbook — plenty of room for writing the kana or kanji featured in the books.


If you have ever thought about learning Japanese, now is the time! Our award-winning series is the easiest and most enjoyable way to study the language — and you’re not going to find a deal like this anywhere else!

Learn more about the series at the Kanji de Manga homepage!