How To Draw Manga: Guns And Military Vol. 1

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Ready...Aim...DRAW! Give your manga characters some heavy-duty firepower with Guns & Military Volume 1, an all-new entry in the How to Draw Manga series.

The first book in this two-volume set is a virtual encyclopedia of everything from classic handguns to high-tech firearms, including six-shooters, semiautomatics, World War II "masterpiece" arms and modern-battlefield assault rifles. Each weapon is described in painstaking detail by author and artist Ichiro Kamiya, whose lavish illustrations are so realistic, you might be fooled into trying to lift the guns right off the pages.

Also included is a preview of the motorcycles that will be featured in Volume 2 (available January 2004), because every because every gun-toting bad guy needs a getaway ride!

Includes illustrations and model specifications for more than 50 different gun variations, as well as information on ammunition and gun accessories, and uniforms worn by police officers in Japan and the United States.