"Kawaii Kitchen" Japanese Traffic Sign Bento Pix

  • $699

Get "kawaii" in the kitchen with Manga University!

The Manga University Culinary Institute, home of the award-winning Manga Cookbook, is pleased to offer you an exciting lineup of Japanese cooking utensils and accessories!

This collection of nine plastic toothpicks are perfect for those who love to decorate their bento. Or, use them for fruit slices, cheese platters or whatever else you dream up!

The Japanese road sign designs are silkscreened onto the plastic, so you can these toothpicks and use them again and again. Each measures 1.75 inches tall. The collection includes:

The collection includes:

  • No Parking
  • Slippery Road
  • Speed Limit 50 kph
  • Stop
  • No Pedestrian Crossing
  • Pedestrian Zone
  • School Zone
  • Train Crossing