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#2: One Nation Under Buddha — January 2, 2013

Today's photo of the Manga University Daibutsu (that's what we're calling him from now on) was taken outside the Nishi-Kawaguchi Fire Department, which sits adjacent to the sprawling MU Campus. This was a particularly difficult shot to capture, with a fierce wind blowing and harsh sunlight beating down on the buddha. It wasn't until we had taken about 100 HDR images that we settled on this one as the best.
Government agencies and schools all proudly fly the Hinomaru (Japanese flag) in front of their buildings, and the colors are also on display during sporting events and official ceremonies. Mostly, though, it's a flag that can be somewhat hard to find. 

Written by Kardac the Magnificent — January 02, 2013

#1: Buddha-Go-Round — January 1, 2013

Welcome to the first installment of Buddha 365, Manga University’s daily picture of our miniature replica of the Tokyo Daibutsu photographed in interesting places. 

Today, our daibutsu is kicking off the new year with a meal at Hamazushi, a kaitzenzushi restaurant in which plates of sushi are delivered to tables via conveyor belt. It’s like a merry-go-round for raw fish!

Written by Kardac the Magnificent — January 01, 2013

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